Technological update in school management teams

The project aims to foster the digital transformation of our schools, both in the school management procedures and in the teaching / learning methodologies. This reality must be incorporated into our schools by promoting a transformation of the learning and teaching methodology and also, of course, of the way in which the schools are managed.

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Digital Transformation

Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity.


Development of key competences


Supporting teachers, school leaders and other teaching profession


The use of new technologies will make the multiple tasks associated with the management of schools, carried out by management teams, can be done with a saving of time and in a more efficient way. The digital transformation of our schools will involve substantial changes to adapt classrooms with the right technology (hardware) and it is necessary to carry out the implementation of new methodological change and to assess which software to use in the classrooms. We understand that the significance of change must be focused on the management teams as the promoters of the project are associations of school managers and because we understand that the engine / leaders of change in schools must be the management teams. At the level of management team, the technological transformation will make all management processes more efficient. 

We want to reduce the bureaucratic burden of the various managements linked to management and we want to reduce the use of paper and physical means. Our pedagogical leadership (and of all kinds) must become a key element in the transformations in schools. Our main motivation is the cooperative work between school managers to improve the quality of our daily work and deepen our professional development. The current work scenario created by the COVID 19 pandemic has forced educational institutions to rethink and redefine their ways of working. We value the importance of observing how schools are led and managed in other countries. Participating in this project will allow us to exchange ways of doing and sharing knowledge.

Training program

We will plan a training program in order to provide our staff (administrators, teachers, and non-teaching staff) with the appropriate digital skills. A training that will have to be specific about the hardware and software we choose, to get the most efficiency out of the whole plan and make this digital transformation really meaningful and have an impact on our schools.

Sustainable development

Another of the main objectives of the project, is the achievement of several of the objectives of sustainable development of the UN, specifically the 4 (Quality Education), the 11 (cities and sustainable communities) and 13 (climate action). For example, to remove the use of paper in our schools.

We aim at catering for the diverstiy of our students by using digital technologies adapted to their special needs and providing those students with poor economic resources with the necessary equipment to make education in our centres as inclusive as possible.

Technological transformation

This project will affect different groups. At the level of students, technological transformation must affect the learning methodology by making it more motivating and diverse, while at the same time helping to foster inclusiveness and reduce the social gap between students from disadvantaged social backgrounds.